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Plexsa offers low loss, high selectivity product solutions for broadband filtering and multiplexing. Our products will help you get the best performance from your system as they boast high selectivity, high rejection, and very low loss. This means that your desired signals will be isolated precisely and thoroughly, with a minimal loss of signal power over the passband. This high performance is achieved thanks to our unrivalled expertise in suspended stripline technology, combined with in-house design and manufacturing that ensures the quality and reliability of our products.

We have a large range of multiplexers and filters to choose from, and also frequently custom design to client specification. Our multiplexers are compact real-time solutions to splitting or combining multiple signals over a broad frequency range. Among our products are diplexers, triplexers, quadruplexers, quintuplexers, sextuplexers, and bandpass, bandstop, high pass and low pass filters. Plexsa has full production and testing capabilities from DC to 65 GHz.

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