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Since originating as an electronic design company in 1995, Plexsa has grown to specialise in broadband RF filters and multiplexers. By focusing our efforts we have made extensive breakthroughs in the design and manufacturing of suspended stripline technology, with our key speciality being broadband multiplexers.

We discovered early on that the only way to ensure consistent quality of production is to perform the processes in-house. Each process is now highly specialised, enabling us to make products of unsurpassed accuracy and conformance to the most stringent specifications. Plexsa also benefits from rapid prototyping, allowing flexibility and adaptability.

By continually developing new products, as well as constantly improving our design and production processes and capabilities, we are ensuring evolving and unrivalled product solutions. Plexsa strives to always lead in broadband multiplexer technology, while offering the highest value at the lowest price.

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