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Plexsa offers low loss, high selectivity product solutions for broadband filtering and multiplexing. And when we say “high selectivity” we mean it! Our quadruplexer (fourplexer) QUAD481218C has ≤ 1.6% selectivity at 12 GHz, and our QUAD61014300A has 2% selectivity at 14 GHz, both to -60 dB. All while keeping low passband insertion losses of < 1.5 dB and with return losses of > 12 dB.

What’s more, we achieve these unrivalled results in compact mechanical packaging. An example is our QUAD481253E2: a quadruplexer that handles an input from DC – 40 GHz with < 1.0 dB insertion loss and > 12 dB return loss. This product uses SMP connectors and is only 7.9 mm thick.

Our products will help you get the best performance from your system by precisely and thoroughly isolating your desired signals thanks to their very high rejection, and minimal power loss over the passbands. Many of our products boast < 1.0 dB passband insertion losses and our QUAD481218A, for example, has a return loss of > 14 dB throughout.

Our multiplexers are compact real-time solutions to splitting or combining multiple signals over a broad frequency range. Combining your desired RF filters into a single multiplexer is much more space efficient and yields lower losses than keeping them separate.  We offer diplexers, triplexers, quadruplexers, quintuplexers, and sextuplexers alongside broadband RF filters.

We have put decades of work into fine-tuning our broadband technology, implemented with suspended stripline, to be able to provide stunning products like our HP6T26P5A broadband RF high pass filter which has a passband from 6 – 26.5 GHz which sports ≤ 1.0 dB insertion loss and > 17 dB return loss. This expertise combines with in-house design and manufacturing allowing us to ensure the quality and reliability of our products.

We also offer our experience in custom-design to provide you with ultimately specialized product solutions. Plexsa has full production and testing capabilities from DC – 65 GHz.

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