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Plexsa has chosen to perform the entire design and production processes in-house in order to ensure the quality of our products. This has allowed us to be innovative in shaping these processes to our specific needs, leading to unsurpassed accuracy and reliability. As a result our products constantly push the limits of what is possible with suspended substrate stripline technology.

Product Range Design


We use Empire XPU to design our products. This is the fastest broadband 3D electromagnetic simulation software available, due to the company designing their software to work specifically with the structure of the latest intel processing unit. Faster, more accurate simulation leads to quicker designs and a very high success rate in the first prototype of a design working perfectly, as simulated


We exclusively use suspended stripline technology for our products due to the numerous advantages thereof, compared to other implementations:

  •  More compact and lighter than waveguide and coaxial machined structures
  •  Convenient, low-loss transition to most equipment and systems through coaxial connectors
  •  Lower dielectric losses than microstrip or stripline
  •  Uniform fields, unlike the inhomogeneous waves in microstrip that result in dispersion and less control over impedance
  •  Suitable for high frequency and broadband, unlike lumped element implementation
  •  Higher Q than microstrip and stripline
  •  Faster assembly and higher accuracy than lumped element
Product Range CNC
Product Caveties


Our cavities are CNC milled by Fanuc Robodrills which, combined with dynamic milling, allows us to machine to a repeatable accuracy of 3 – 4 microns. This enables a high production yield and supports repeatable, accurate final products. The cavities are milled from aluminium and plated with silver to raise the Q as well as protect against possible oxidation.


Our etching process yields artworks with track sizes as accurate as to a 2 – 3 micron tolerance. This tight margin allows greater design options, repeatable production, and accurate products. Artworks are etched from Rogers and Taconic material of various thicknesses, depending on the product.

Product Range Artworks
Product Assembly


Assembly is performed by hand and with use of a microscope, with each product’s constituents and design being good enough for us to never make use of tuning screws. This speeds up the assembly process significantly, yielding repeatable, reliable, and cost-effective products.


All our products are tested during assembly before and after aging. After sealing they are tested again to ensure temperature stability and then finally an in-depth Acceptance Test Result sheet is filled in for each product before shipping. If required, they are also tested at -55 °C and +85 °C. We use Keysight, Copper Mountain, and Anritsu Vector Network Analysers covering DC to 65 GHz, and ensure that our equipment is always properly calibrated and serviced.

Product Range Test Equipment

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